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Grade 4

Embark on Your Grade 6 Academic Journey with Testpapers"

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Library of grade 4 CAPS exam papers for South African students, available in both English & Afrikaans. 

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For long periods of time, education has been important to the development of the different scientific, moral, and ethical fields of humanity. In addition, it has been recognized by some governments as a human right, but in some places around the world; education is not accessible for everyone. Many people believe that having an educational system without any cost would mean a better-educated society, whereas others argue that this would not be possible. To develop a better-educated society, governments should establish a totally free education system for the following three reasons.

The first and most important reason why a totally free education scheme means a better-educated society is equal opportunities. Foster (1993) explains that…show more content…
Free education allows everyone to study but with low intensity or levels of education. For example, governments with low incomes would not have enough money to employ professional teachers or provide students with all the technological equipment necessary in their studies; it is too expensive. In addition, with free education, the number of students will be impressive. It is important to emphasize that education is not the only responsibility that governments have. They also economically support other public institutions. According to OECD (2008), the major challenge for countries is to secure sufficient funding levels to enable tertiary education institutions to meet the growing expectations of society and respond to the growing demand by students. However, education without cost allows people the same rights and opportunities necessary to the development of an educated society with moral and ethical…
As a result, of economic growth is also important to highlight that it reduces family

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