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Leading CAPS vendor summary store in South Africa, serving grades 1-12. Our summaries, favored by both educators and students, are designed to facilitate your academic progress. Enhance your learning experience with over 250 top-quality summaries today.

  • High quality, full curriculum summaries available in English & Afrikaans

  • Summaries are automatically emailed after a purchase

CAPS Notes
CAPS Summaries
Summaries South Africa
Notes South Africa
Gr 12 notes
Gr 12 Summaries
Gr 11 Notes
Gr 11 Summaries
Graad 12 notas
Graad 12 opsommings
Graad 11 opsommings
Grade 11 notes
Graad 11 notas
Grade 12 summaries CAPS
opssomins suid Africa
Suid Afrikaanse opsommings
Graad 10 opsommings
Gr 10 Summaries
Grade 10 Summaries
Graad 9 opsommings
Grade 9 summaries South Africa
Graad 11 notas Suid Africa
Gr 8 Notas
Graad 8 opsommings
Grade 8 summaries CAPS
Opsommins CAPS Suid Africa
Suid Afrika Notas CAPS

  • Summaries purchased, can be viewed, downloaded & printed

  • All our summaries follow the 2024 CAPS curriculum

  • Preview and access information for each summary on their respected page

  • Summaries purchased, can be downloaded & printed

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