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Gr 5 Social Sciences T1 [English]


This product contains all the work for Social Sciences (Geography & History) Grade 5, term 1 and is based on the “Platinum” textbook in English.  Geography - Unit 1:  World map and compass directions.  Unit 2:  Africa our continent.  Unit 3:  A physical map of Africa.  Unit 4:  Images of Africa.  History - Unit 1:  How we find out about hunter-gatherers and herders.  Unit 2:  San hunter-gatherer society in the Later Stone Age.  Unit 3:  Medicine from plants.  Unit 4:  The hunt and the bow and arrow.  Unit 5:  What did the San believe?  Unit 6:  San rock art.  Unit 7:  Khoikhoi herder society in the Later Stone Age.

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