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Store Guide

If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us


Finding a summary set

You can use the "Grade Selection" function to search for available note sets for a specific grade & language and the "Sort by" function to list the available note sets from A-Z or from Z-A.


Purchasing a summary set/s

Add a summary set to your cart or click "Buy now". On the checkout page 1. Enter your billing address (email for order confirmation is where you will receive your summary set) | 2. Review order  | 3. Place order. You will be redirected to a secured payment gate.


Information regarding a summary set

After finding a summary set you're interested in, "click on it". A new page will open where you can find all the information regarding the summary set.


Accessing your acquired note/s

After a successful checkout, you will receive an email with a download link. Access your acquired notes via the download link. Please keep your notes safely stored, because the download link will expire 30 days after your purchase.


Sharing is prohibited

Summary sets you purchase on Testpapers can only be used by you. It is prohibited to distribute summary sets to others. After purchasing a note set on Testpapers, you will receive a summary set with an invisible code embedded in the document. The code represents your order number. If your summary set ends up on the internet, legal action will be taken. So for your protection please do not share acquired summaries with anyone!


Refund Policy

Unfortunately, no refund will be made. Since digital files can be downloaded and printed, it is impossible for us to know if you have already downloaded/printed a summary set/s. For this reason, we cannot accept refunds.
If there is a problem with your acquired summary set, please contact us and we will forward your problem to the author. If the problem is severe we will send you a fixed copy of the note set and update it on our store.

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